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The alternative via Rocamadour

Rocamadour (Lot)


For pilgrims in the past, going to Rocamadour was in no way an "alternative". Indeed, the object of the journey was this famous sanctuary, whose relics of Amadour and statue of the Black Virgin forged its reputation over the centuries. This notoriety raised the sanctuary to the rank of "the greatest Marian pilgrimage in the West" (J. Rocacher).


Numerous pilgrims converged on it from all over the kingdom of France to the extent that nowadays, several walking itineraries lead towards this sanctuary tucked away in the Alzou valley. Many pilgrims still come here, as do tourists drawn by the picturesque aspect of this sanctuary built into the cliffs.


Today, the Rocamadour itinerary extends for about 300 kms. It is made up of the GR®6, GR®64 and GR®652 footpaths, maintained and signposted. It constitutes an ideal variant for those on the Le Puy Way wishing to fork off from Figeac and cross the Causse de Gramat, the Haut-Quercy and the Agenais. It rejoins the Le Puy itinerary (GR®65) in La Romieu.


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